A letter from our founder...

It is with much love and respect that I present you with Make Waves' in-house blog... Wave Makers. The first Wednesday of every month we will release a new interview featuring women who are "making waves" in their business lives. I founded Make Waves out of the desire to do more and I hope these interviews will inspire those reading to do more. 

The idea for launching this blog within the company is a bit of a personal one. I've always been drawn to social media and have worked in the industry since my very first job at age 16. However, I've always felt I had a bigger purpose to fulfill within social media. Ultimately, what I love most about social media is the platform it provides to build communities and create connections. I'm hoping with the Wave Makers interviews we can create our own little corner on the internet that inspires, provides support, and encourages women to follow their dreams and make $h*t happen. Personally, I've found support and inspiration in the most unlikely and random of places online so if Wave Makers can provide that for just 1 person, then my heart is full! 

As I reflected on those I'd like to interview I realized I am blessed with knowing and working with extremely innovative and strong women! As a result, the first handful of interviews will feature women I know personally. Many of these women I've known for years (some even decades!) but chatting under the context of "work" brought up so many aspects of their person that I don't experience as much, if at all, under the context of friendship. Thus, it's been an extremely rewarding and meaningful process bringing this blog to life and I hope you can feel the happy vibrations while you're reading! 

Your wave is waiting,

If you're a Wave Maker or know someone who is send us a message or schedule an interview

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