As happy as a clam at high tide!


Vince balestreri, Manager and co-owner of Niche Restaurant
Services: Social media content calendar creation

We tried Make Waves’ services to see how it would go, and we could not be any happier. Our business is way up and people bring up our social media almost everyday. This is one of the better decisions I've made after managing my place for 11 years. I wish I would have done it sooner. We've had more time to concentrate on other matters, and watch the growth of our social media.



Nisha Garigarn, Co-Founder of Croissant
Services: Social Media Content Calendar Creation

We have really enjoyed working with Make Waves! Kelly is easy to get in touch with, works quickly, has an eye for design, and is very organized and diligent. She always has a positive attitude. Whenever we share feedback or require changes, she has gone above and beyond to show that she's listening. I'd highly recommend Kelly to any business looking to outsource their Instagram curation + growth. Our Instagram looks amazing and it's getting more engagement than it ever has. We are really proud to show off our feed and we're getting new customers and partners who tell us they found out about us through Instagram.


laura kay, owner of bocas yoga studio
Services: Website redesign & social media consulting

When Kelly started coming regularly to my yoga classes, I could tell by her attentiveness and willingness to, not only follow instruction well, I noticed her practice was so focused, it was blossoming. Kelly was not afraid to play with the edge of her comfort zone to expand her knowledge of self. This, I just knew, had to translate over into her profession, so one day I asked her what she did for a living (a rude question I don't like to ask, but with Kelly my curiosity was piqued). When she told me she does online marketing for businesses, I immediately jumped on the opportunity for her to give my yoga studio's online presence a boost so that it was in the 21st Century! I had built my own website on a 15 year old version of Dreamweaver, and it showed – it was rudimentary and raw, and most of all my old website did not translate to be user-friendly for people on Smartphones or iPads! Since I only recently got a smartphone myself, living on this remote Caribbean island, I was startling behind the modern times when it came to promotion of my business. I enlisted Kelly's help to bring my online presence (website, Instagram, Facebook). Since then I have noticed a remarkable increase in attendance to my yoga classes! I am so grateful to have this intelligent, sweet, educated woman give me the leadership I need to create magic online. She is quick to respond to questions, no matter where in the world she is, and always gets back with professional responses. Super attentive, polite and down-to-earth, with a set of skills that just blow my mind. I highly recommend any business who wants to increase it's online marketing have Kelly as their professional to handle it. It can be a daunting thing to tackle on one's own, so to have a young, bright, effective person on the case relieves so much stress that already comes with owning a business, so I can be more effective at my job, which is teaching yoga. Get more effective yourself, by delegating this highly-trained skill-set that Kelly offers.