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The Socialscape Podcast- Guest Feature

The Socialscape, the only podcast in the galaxy bringing you exclusive social media insights from personal brands and businesses to feed you that behind-the-scenes information that you can't find anywhere else.


Social Media CEO- Guest Blog Post

Three giveaway strategies to promote Instagram account growth— without having to host it on your feed! Give one (or more) of these giveaway strategies on your own account and prepare to watch those new followers roll in!


Croissant- Making Waves with Kelly Shogren

Born out of a desire to do more in all aspects of life, Kelly Shogren founded Make Waves, a social media agency that helps brands refine and optimize their online presence. Since founding the company in May 2018, Kelly and her team have successfully empowered small businesses to take control of their social media strategy. Remote work has opened many doors for Kelly and today she is sharing her favorite cities to work from, her best social media tips, and more!


VoyageLA- Meet Kelly Shogren of Make Waves

Thanks for sharing your story with us Kelly. So, let’s start at the beginning, and we can move on from there.
It’s so hard to decipher where my business story actually begins. I think to paint the full picture it makes sense to go back to college where my desire to make social media my career began.