We are a high-energy team of social media specialists helping brands refine their digital presence to maximize their organic brand exposure online. Our team has developed expertise in beauty, cannabis, CPG, fitness, hospitality, restaurant, spirits, and wellness industries. We apply a unique and custom tailored approach to every client, but each with a philosophy of creating connections and building community woven in. We look forward to creating a swell on social media for your brand.
Your wave is waiting!


Make Waves Manifesto

We believe in the undiscovered and undefined.

We approach every project with unmatched vigor and passion.

We continuously seek to improve our knowledge and therefore our services.

We believe that if there is a will there is a wave, err way.

We are driven by creating connections and inspiring communities.

We are mesmerized by the ocean and find inspiration in nature.

We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun!


Kelly Shogren, Founder

Kelly founded Make Waves out of a desire to do more. She wanted to do more in all aspects of her life. In her agency jobs she wanted to do more for her clients than the description of her role permitted. In her personal life she wanted to do more traveling and spend more time with family and friends. She also saw a need for small businesses to be empowered and feel confident doing more social media for themselves, which was the inspiration behind the consultation packages. As a result, she dove head first into the agency world and founded Make Waves. Kelly, with the help of her incredible distributed team, looks forward to creating a swell on social media for your brand! 


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